Camping in Verona, Italy

My wife and I just came back home to Germany after a four day camping trip to Italy and I can´t get all the memories and impressions out of my head. We stayed at the campground Camping Castel San Pietro in Verona. Alone the campground is an adventure. This campground is in a very old fortress on the edge of old Verona and is now a botanical garden. Disadvantage was the sounds of all the birds so early in the mornings. Okay. Camping is nature. The first night, I had only three hours sleep due to the rounded tent ground. That was done in order to allow the spring rains to run off from the tents. Problem was, I kept sliding and rolling down hill within my tent. Advantage was that, on the second day, it rained very hard; but we stayed dry. Speaking of the second day, that night brought us an unforgettable night with piano music at three in the morning. Due to the old walls of the fortress, the acoustics are very good for hearing every sound. My wife woke up, despite wearing earplugs, heard the music of the piano and had to wonder briefly if she was in heaven. No. That was not the case; however, it was a beautiful experience that may never come again. I love towers. Whenever my wife and I are in a new city, we do a tower in order to get a good view of the city, as well as the countryside around it. I am including pictures of the tower we visited in Verona, as well as pictures of our campground and everywhere else we visited on our four day trip. I hope you all will take time out in your lives to break out and travel. See the world. Learn new things. Don´t just work. Enjoy your lives. The world has so much to offer.